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RECUPERACION DE AUTOPIEZAS, S.L. began its activities in 1985, even before incorporating the company -when we started in the business- since nowadays in which we have become suppliers of several companies devoted to autoparts reconstruction, apart from importing and exporting used autoparts.

Due to this long time in the business, we have wide and proven experience in all related with the recycling and trade of this type of autoparts.

We have always believed in the great importance and future potential of autoparts recycling from environmental point of view, contributing to preserve the environment


Our company works directly with the most important car industries in Spain and other countries, more than 500     and 1000, car refurbishers worldwide and other proffesionals of the car industryl, which are at the same time suppliers and clients of our products.

So, our clients and suppliers jointly with our employees are our main asset.


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Calle Llanterner, 8 - 10 · Parque Empresarial Táctica

46988 Paterna (Valencia) Spain

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